Swarovski Bawal Hijab – Classic Sparkle (Silver Blue)


Bawal Hijab:

  • Premium Japanese Voile material.
  • 45″ square width.
  • Seam: Overlock Stitch.
  • Semi-transparent (square). 80% opacity (doubled into a triangle shape).
  • Beautiful pastel colours.
  • Soft & flowy.
  • A nice awning is effortlessly achievable without the use of hijab starch.
  • They fit naturally on any shape of face.



  • Embellished with genuine 60 pieces of SS10 Swarovski Crystals (uniformly scattered).


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Being a woman is a wonderful thing, except when you’re having your bad hijab day. Do you always have difficulty getting a nice-looking awning when donning your hijab? We feel you, beautiful ladies! Hence, we designed for you a hijab series that will never disappoint you, for everyday use. It’s made of the highest grade of Bawal material, Japanese Voile. If you have never tried a Japanese Voile Hijab before, we recommend that you pick one of the choices that we have, and we assure you that you will fall in love with it instantly. Be it pretty in colour, easily create the hijab awning that you want, be soft to the touch, and have the glitter look that Swarovski Crystal embellishment could give you. You may choose the basic variant, Classic Sparkle, as a start. It’s simple yet elegant. Add one to your cart now!

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